The Chaplaincy of the University remains the custodian, initiator and enforcer of all the spiritual developmental programmes and administration for the Institution asSpirituality” forms the bedrock of our existence as a University. As a Christian Mission University, Landmark University has an approach to Spiritual development that is purely based on principles and practices drawn from the Holy Bible.

 Landmark University Chaplaincy is the SPIRITUAL bastion of the University. This is done with a view to enhancing the Spiritual life of the faculty, staff and students of the entire University Community through;

          » Pastoral Care Services

          » Chapel and Church Attendance

          » Counselling

          » Spiritual Formation

          » Chapel Programmes

          » Workshops and Conventions

          » Group Studies

          » Community Outreaches

Chaplaincy Staff Profile:

The Chaplaincy as a body is composed of the following person:

  • » University Chaplain:        Pastor Abimbola Oluyori
  • » Admin Officer:                   Mr. Aransiola Emmanuel T.
  • »Studio Technician:            Mr. Gbenga Odejimi

Membership and Their Functions: 

  • » Membership of this Committee comprises of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7).Availability and professional skills in areas of management, accounting or social sciences are the major consideration in selecting Committee members from the University Chaplain and members of staff.
  • » There is Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Members.
  • » The Chairman of the Committee is a signatory to the Chaplaincy Account with the University Chaplain.
  • » The Chairman is a signatory to the Liberation Army Account alongside the Chaplain and any other Sub-Unit Account within the Chaplaincy.

Statutory Meetings, Dates Held And Important Resolutions

The University Chapel Committee (UCC) holds their meetings every 1st week of every month and consider the following among other relevant issues in its agenda:

Financial Reviews and Projections

Retirement of Cash Advance Matters

Audit reports and recommendations, Asset Management and Maintenance, etc


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