Goals & Objectives

Landmark University as a Christian Mission University, and the Chaplaincy of the University as custodian, initiator and enforcer of all the Spiritual developmental programmes as Spirituality forms the bed rock of our existence. With the aim of building a durable and long lasting Spiritual foundation for the future of the institution, the Chaplaincy has evolved various programs aimed at achieving our set goals and with these goals we believe that the army of giants and world changers will emerge from this academic session. These goals are:

  • » To instill the fear of God as we know that the fear of God is the fundamental to a successful career in leadership and since our vision and mission is to raise a new generation of leaders.
  • » To achieve the spiritual prowess of the University through our chapel services and other organized events of the chaplaincy.
  • » Getting to the stage where the seven (7) core values of the University will be the watchword for all student and adhere to the same.
  • » Bring both faculty, staff and students to the knowledge where Spirituality as our arrow head is a non-negotiable Jesus-factor centered approach in raising a new generation of Leaders.
  • » Bringing student to the knowledge of their royal carriage in both attitude, habits and character and dignity via life applicable word in the scripture. To this effect every first Saturday of every month a programme for student leaders titled; MOMENT OF SPIRITUAL INVIGORATION (MSI) drawn from Joel 2:7 as approved by management serve as avenue to boost their spiritual lives.
  • »  Encourage the Kings and Queens to raising altar of Sacrifice in pursuing ones DREAMS (ability to know what future hold for them).

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